From beacons to user-generated content, columnist Jason Warnock takes a look at the email marketing innovations we can expect to see more of in 2017.

Source: Why email is taking center stage in marketing innovation

Email marketing can seem kind of boring nowadays but before you yawn and roll your eyes, give this article from Marketing Land a read. Email marketing technology is getting innovative. There are exciting new opportunities for engaging your customers and prospects with email. Also, email remains one of the best digital marketing tools from a performance perspective. eMarketer reported in 2016 on two separate surveys where 80% and 81% of respondents said that email marketing drives email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. It outranked organic search for acquisition and social media on retention.

So what are the innovative email marketing technology trends? Here’s a preview of what columnist Jason Warnock shares:

  • Dynamic offers that present personalized email content and offers to individual recipients.
  • The use of user-generated content in email marketing campaigns.
  • Beacons to help retail and other bricks and mortar venues to email customers based on their latest visits.

Read the full post at Marketing Land for the full scoop on these innovative email marketing technology trends: