How do you improve visitor engagement on your website?

Website engagement is an important part of helping potential clients learn more about your products. Focusing on improving visitor interaction on your site helps you to deliver a better experience for the users, increases your website’s traffic, and grows your business. Those interactions on your site also provide you with an opportunity to collect and examine data about potential customers and current ones. You can use this information to improve parts of your site that you see they are having problems with.

If you don’t have any interaction on your site, you are not providing any help for those that need it. If you want to have a robust presence online and improve visitor engagement, you’re going to need to have a website that includes different ways for customers to communicate. When building your website keep the visitors’ experiences in mind. Include different ways for them to engage with you to improve their experience. Here are some different ways that you can increase the user interaction if you find that your site is lacking.

Include Engaging Content

When looking to improve visitor engagement on your website, gain new customers, and decrease the bounce rate of your site, start by improving your content The content on your site can be blog posts, videos, case studies, or old content. Here are a few different ways to use your content to add to the user interaction:

  • Optimize your content using keywords and metadata for search engines. While meta descriptions don’t affect SEO, per se, they can make help the searcher decide whether or not to click your listing.
  • Create content written for your audience.
  • Update old content with new stats.
  • Break up your content’s text.
  • Use pictures and videos in blog posts.

Technology that helps you with your content:

  • Squirrly or Yoast for SEO (works with WordPress) – both have features to help you ensure the content is search friendly and human-friendly (as far as readability goes).
  • A content delivery network to improve page load time for your picture and video content — has a free plan, or you can try WordPress’ JetPack option.
  • Use an analytics tool to measure your content’s effectiveness and build on successes or avoid repeating failures. Google Analytics is a great free tool.
  • Use writing solutions like Hemingway and Grammarly to improve readability. (Squirrly and Yoast can tell you if it’s reader friendly; Hemingway and Grammarly help you identify and make changes so that it will be.)

Get New Customers With Chat

Having live chat on your website helps you improve visitor engagement, can turn them into clients, and even gain loyal fans. A visitor’s experience exponentially increases when they can get a question answered quickly on a chat instead of calling and waiting on hold to talk to a customer service representative.If you are not sure how to add live chat to your website, check out

If you are not certain how to add live chat to your site, check out this site for more information. It is a cost-effective way to increase sales and provides and abundance of user data. The data a chat provides goes beyond just statistics. It gives you real user thoughts and opinions about your product, your company, and your website to help you make business decisions that improve sales and grow your business.

Free and low-cost chat options

Turn Off Autoplay for Videos

Isn’t it annoying when you go to a website, and a video starts playing when your headphone or speakers are turned up full blast? Your natural reaction is to close the page as quickly as possible. Make sure to turn autoplay of on all the videos featured on your website. Many website developers don’t think about this, but it is easy to lose site visitors this way. It can be a┬ánegative interaction.

Include a Comments Section on Your Blog

By providing an area where the readers of your blog can engage with you about your blog content you improve a user’s experience with your website’s content. Your readers may want to applaud you for an article you wrote or tell you that they think you’re crazy. Either way, if they are unable to comment you may never know what they thought. Make sure that you include a section for users to comment on your blog to increase interaction.

Blog comment tech to consider

  • Akismet — with all good things comes somebody who wants to ruin the party. If you open up comments, you will get comment spam. Akismet helps manage spam on your WordPress website, so you don’t have to.
  • Disqus — this is another good option for managing comments on your blog, and it works beyond WordPress. Plus, it offers other features such as analytics, moderation tools, and even advertising options.

Offer Website Visitors Surveys

Adding a survey to your website gives visitors another way to interact with you and let you know what they think. Qualaroo offers websites a way to survey site visitors. You can find great insights through these surveys about what’s working and what’s not working. Ask questions that provide answers that you can use to improve your business strategy. This is another way to improve your website’s user interaction that can help you acquire new customers.

Additional online survey solutions

Have a Pop-Up

Pop-ups are a more controversial method of increasing interaction with visitors. They can become annoying and invade a reader’s space. Used correctly, though, they can be a good way to ask e-mail addresses and provide access to valuable content.

Use pop-ups for things such as:

  • Registration for a webinar
  • Offering a free demo
  • Subscription to your blog

Pop-up tool options:

Make Sure That Your Website is Easy to Navigate

If the design and layout of your website are confusing, you could be losing numerous potential clients. Visitors are impatient, and if they can’t quickly find what they are looking for on your site, they will go to another one. Make sure that your navigation bar stays the same throughout your site and the titles of your pages are obvious.

You can increase visitor engagement in many different ways.┬áThese are just a few ideas. What are some of your favorites not mentioned here? What are some of your website pet peeves? Let’s discuss them in the comments below!

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