Author: Meaghan Alvarado

6 Solutions to Help You Identify Micro-Influencers

Bombarded by an average of 362 ads per day, people no longer trust brands. What people do trust is their peers and other people they follow on social media – i.e. micro-influencers. Small businesses and start-ups can leverage micro-influencers to drive traffic to content and break through the noise. When starting out with influencer marketing, brands must understand that just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean they’ll be able to help sell your product. You need someone who has a connection with their readers and is relevant to what you’re selling. Someone who can sway their...

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You Need to Know Why AI Needs to be Part of Your MarTech Stack

Are you conducting contextual marketing using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or just doing targeted programmed marketing? There’s a difference that many marketers don’t recognize. Programmatic marketing is based on if this/then that rules that are set up by a person, but AI-powered platforms base actions on patterns and insight from data. Don’t think of AI as a replacement for humans; we’re not in the movie iRobot. AI is a supplement for our abilities and knowledge. Defining Artificial Intelligence On a recent Social Business Engine podcast episode, Paul Roetzer, CEO of PR 20/20 and founder of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute,...

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