Author: Alanna Jackson

Best Website Builder for Small Businesses

Professional websites are now imperative to the success of all small businesses. Customers are becoming more likely to look for places to shop online, so your homepage is a chance to make a positive first impression. Whether you’re hiring a web development team or you’re attempting web design yourself, the key is finding the best website builder that fits your needs. You can spend as much as you want on amenities like SEO tools, social media support and mobile compatibility, or you can have a free simple website that’s supported by outside advertisers. How much you should invest depends...

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#ToolTip: How to Conquer the High Email Bounce Rate

Ever had a situation where you had an excellent idea, but maybe it didn’t get executed properly? Yeah, we’ve all had those experiences at some point in our life — personally and professionally. An email marketing campaign with a high email bounce rate is one of those situations where execution gets in the way of excellence. Just like the poor kitty below…we think we’re ready and have it all set up to push the go button…and then something unexpected happens. (Image Credit: Just like the kitten’s jump, our email marketing campaigns may not succeed. Many times we have a big...

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#ToolTip: How to Boost Engagement with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Have you found that not a lot of people are interacting with your content?  If so, you may be suffering from Boring Title Syndrome. Yes, this is a thing…Maybe I made it up, but it’s still a thing! No one wants to click on a blog post that sounds like the same old stuff. You need to grab your readers’ attention to boost engagement with your audience. Remember Emeril? “BAM! Kick it up a notch.” That’s what your title needs to do. Your title should increase engagement with your audience by grabbing the reader’s attention. Just make sure your title is...

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#ToolTip: Social Selling – Easily Connect Using Lead Liaison

We’ve got another cool #ToolTip for you this week! Lead Liaison is a marketing automation software tool. It’s great for your marketing and sales teams. There are so many different things this tool can do, but today I’m going to focus on the Social Append App. If you’re focused on social selling as part of your sales and marketing strategy, then this is the perfect app to help you connect more easily with your customers and prospects. As you know, the buyer’s journey has changed, and social has become a big part of the path to the buyer. The...

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#ToolTip: Finding Curated Content Using Hootsuite

Happy New Year! There are so many marketing technology tools out there, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming learning how to use them all to their fullest potential. So, we thought we would start a #ToolTip weekly post this year to help you learn some ways to make content marketing a bit more easy using all the different tools available. Finding Curated Content Using HootSuite This week we are going to share a tip on how to use Hootsuite to help you find curated content to share as part of your content marketing strategy. It’s vital to share curated...

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